Covert Surveillance, Intelligence Gathering, Mystery Shopping


Surveillance can be conducted in a variety of ways however most of them are what we class as ‘covert’ meaning the subject is unaware they are being watched. This allows our investigators to obtain evidence of the subject acting naturally; the only people that will know surveillance has taken place will be the investigators who carried it out and the customer who requested it.
Many people still think of the stereotypical detective in a Sherlock Holmes-style hat however a good investigator will be indistinguishable from any other member of the public. Before any surveillance is conducted the investigators will carry out a ‘reccy’ which is essentially a chance for the investigators to gain knowledge of the local area, familiarize themselves with any possible entrance/exit routes and ensure they are dressed appropriately so they don’t raise any suspicion.
Using customised vehicles and body-worn cameras our investigators are able to position themselves in the right place and at the right time to gain evidence without alerting the subject to their presence. Vehicles with high quality cameras can remain static at a property or asset for days at a time without raising suspicion whilst body-worn cameras allow the investigator to get very close to and even engage the subject without raising suspicion.
– Excellent Results, Zero Suspicion.
– Highly Trained Agents
– Completely Covert
– Hidden Recording Equipment
– High Quality Evidence
– Full intelligence report
– Dedicated Case Manager

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You can rest assured that after every surveillance operation we will prepare a full intelligence report, this report will show a written log of the observations that were made during the surveillance along with photographs (and video where applicable) to support those claims. In some cases the report is needed to present as evidence in court, our reports will meet all of the requirements and we can provide a witness statement if needed.


What if they get spotted?

Before our agents perform any surveillance they will visit the area in order to find out the best locations to situate themselves in and also the most appropriate attire to avoid raising any suspicion. When carrying out surveillance they are incredibly covert and would be indistinguishable from any other member of the public.

What’s The First Step?

Initially we need to talk with any potential clients either by phone or face to face. This is to get an understanding of your needs and expectations and to see whether Reveal Private Investigations can achieve these. There are no fee’s or costs involved for these meetings.

How Does Surveillance Work?

Surveillance can be carried out in a number of ways on a whole number of targets; the chosen method depends entirely on the individual case. Our expertise allows us to choose the most appropriate method for your investigation, we will then decide what results you need and how we can achieve those.

How Will I Get The Results?

When the surveillance has ben completed our agents will compile a full intelligence report containing a log of all observations including times, locations, pictures and any video evidence obtained. The client chooses how they wish to receive the report.


  • I really appreciated all the support I was given through the case, it made it a lot easier having my own case handler because I found it difficult to talk about the situation with anybody else

    SK, Fulham

  • Reveal do most of our tracing and all of our process serving work, documents delivered on time and great customer service!

    CJ, Mitcham

  • Reveal helped me serve my ex-wife with divorce papers, after 18 months of struggling they got the job done very quickly

    SS, Barking